I registered for CA foundation in July 2018, however didn’t fill the exam form. So what do I need to do to give the may 2019 attempt?

Himanshu Mittalhimanshu mittal asked 9 months ago

Do I need to register again?

2 Answers
Lalit answered 9 months ago

No, you don\’t need to register again. Once a student registers with ICAI, his/her registration is valid for next 5 years.

You just need to fill the exam form for May 2019 and pay the required fee and you are good to go.Most probably the exam forms will be opened in February 2019 so keep an eye on the important dates.

For the time being, just start preparing for May 2019. Good luck Himanshu.

Ritu answered 9 months ago

No, you don’t have to register again. Just fill your exam form in time and you can appear for the May 2019 attempt. Study well. 

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