If you are preparing for the November 2018 attempt then like everyone else you must be asking this question as well. HOW TO PASS CA EXAMS? I know it’s difficult but it’s not impossible. In every attempt, approximately 9 to 10 thousand students qualify as Chartered Accountants. Although there is no set pattern but if you have a planned strategy you can definitely pass CA exams in the first attempt itself.

Let me state some of the simple yet important points which can help you in preparing for CA exams.

Tip 1# Pareto Analysis

You must have heard about the Pareto Analysis technique. It is also known as the 80/20 rule. The idea that by doing 20% of the work you can generate 80% of the benefit of doing the entire job. Since you have such a huge course to cover, you need to be smart.

When you are competing with thousands of students you have to be smart in your preparation. In CA Final Accounts, you will always get 16 marks from Holding Accounts. Similarly, you must do an analysis of all the subjects and note down the important topics.

Important to realize that I am not trying to advise that you don’t prepare for less important topics. I just want to point out that you give more importance to those topics which are always asked in exams.


Tip 2# Assess Your Potential and Capabilities

We all want to clear both groups in the first attempt itself. It sounds great to achieve that in one attempt. Or some of you may also be wishing that good score of one group will set off for low score another group and will help you pass. But if it was that easy, CA results won’t have such low pass percentage.

I suggest you do an assessment of your potential and capabilities. Consider your academic performance till now. Don’t compare with yourself other students, just be honest with yourself. We are all different with different grasping powers. Some of us take less time to learn something while some take more. 

It is better to pass in one group rather than risking both groups.

Tip 3# Be Consistent

After the declaration of results, interviews of students of toppers are published and shared. They explain how they prepared for exams. And you will notice that all these toppers always talk about the consistency of their efforts. They study 2-3 hours daily over a period of months. They don’t leave everything for the last three months before exams.

Consistency is the key. When you do something over a period of time, you develop expertise in it. All of you are aware of learning curve theory.

Tip 4# Practice, Practice and Practice

Learn by doing. There are few things in our lives which we have several times. Like remembering alphabets, tables, or things like driving a car, typing on pc or mobile, etc. Now you recite all the alphabets and tables without thinking about it. When driving a car, you don’t look down at your feet for the accelerator, clutch or break. Because you have done all that too many times and your mind and body are used to them.

Similarly when it comes to your studies the more you practice the more perfection you will attain. We get tense in the exam hall when we could not solve a question. Our hands start to shake. We can’t think or concentrate properly. Solve as many questions as you can to make your mind and body used to the pressure. 

Solve RTPs, practice manuals, previous year question papers, etc.


Tip 5# Revision Technique

Just try to monitor your daily study activities. You read about a topic. You try to mug it up. Solve a couple of questions. And same procedure is repeated over and over again.

Try to shake it up a little. Make it a bit more fun and interactive. You must have at least one good friend who is also preparing for the same exam as you are. At the end of every day, call your friend and let them ask you questions on the topic you have covered on that day. In case you could not answer or explain certain points to them, you will find your weak point for that specific topic.

And then you can work on it. It will be beneficial for both of you. You will develop a deeper understanding of that topic. And once you have understood it, you would not forget it.

These are 5 simple tips which can help you answer how to pass ca exams?

In the end, I would like to end this with one taught. There are many factors which will come into play and will affect your results. We all have different kinds of personal problems. And those factors are not in your control. But you can control the level of efforts you put in. The honesty of your efforts. How determined are you to become a CA? This will set you apart from the rest of the students.

Exam forms for November 2018 attempt are open. Register yourself in time to avoid last moment rush.


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